My Interest

I like traveling very much. Though I have not visited that much around the world, I have been India, Tibet, Hong Kong, Japan( I am living in Japan for now), USA, Nepal (off course, it's my home country.) . Beside traveling, I like to go trekking in the mountainous region. I like this mountain very much. It lies in the Annapurna region. The mountain right behind of my picture is Mt. Machapuchre. The fish tail shaped over the world for it's beautiful fish tail like shape. Eyes give us the real test of life.
Here is my story why I like to travel around the world. But, at the same time I would ask you if you need to jettison one of your senses organ, which one would you do? Find out the answer after thinking over my feelings. A popular Hindu parable says that a great sage in ancient times pierced through his eyes with a needle and lived a life of a blind man the rest of his life. He thought that the eyes were the very means of sensual pleasure, the doors to the worldly illusion that keep people from realizing spiritual fulfillment. This time around, I am again reminded of the same story. I have to admit that my grationalh mind has always evaluated the story as an instance of masochism, if not complete insanity. But as I sit down now to think over the subject of doing away with one of my sense organs, the sage again comes to my mind from nowhere. I now realize that the sage was not looking for something gunseenh merits, but he was gearing up to live fully here in this very world! The eyes are great nuisances not only for spiritual realization, but also for worldly affairs. They entice us into believing in the illusion that something bigger, something more majestic and gexcitingh is just ahead. But the problem is that no one until now has become able to claim to have reached the promised land.
Looking back into my own past, I see that the very eyes were instrumental in taking me to the land, USA!, one of favorites land, I had a fear that they might make me wander in the wilderness. Let me relate to you a story of my childhood. My home in Nepal happens to situate besides Nepalfs most attractive tourist destination. I vividly remember that when I was young, I watched helplessly hundreds of whites rambling across the village trails. I dreamed of traveling around the world like the whites did. I do not remember touching the whites; even if I touched them, they did not leave upon me a long lasting impression. Their language was completely inscrutable to my ears. The gtaste facultyh of my gmachineh was not around the scene. And definitely, the whites did not give out fragrance. But as I look back at those times, I can say that I was all for them. Is not it that the very eyes were instrumental in alienating me from my own homeland? Again, after high school graduation, I moved to a nearby city for higher studies. As I watched modern gadgets in front of me, I grew increasingly restive to have them, to own them. I am afraid I wonft be able to relate to you the impact of television on my psychological make up. As I grew accustomed to the gidiot boxh, the most glaring impact, as I now realize, was the deification of the Western mode of life. I increasingly believed- and still believe -that the West was the best, and the rest not worth living. As luck would have it, this very psychological make up led me to Japan- not the West, of course, but the Far East! But I increasingly realized that my dream was coming true! But TV does not let me stay calm. My dreamland was still far- the land of Pepsi and basketball. That is why, I have been in US for a while.. I have to confess to you that a great mental agony, almost maddening, was there inside me during those past years. As I look back at my past from todayfs vantage point and try to visualize the future, I conclude that the eyes paved the way for my painful odyssey, and I am extremely unsure of where they would take me to in the future, and what would be the mental cost, after all. If one enjoys the world as I myself do, it is because of our own lack of resolution, perhaps an unwillingness to jettison trifles at the cost of something sublime. At the same time, I fear that my friends might mistake me for a person with fatalistic resignation; I would say that I like to have my feet firmly grounded on this very world, but the sage was not wrong. I am almost sure. Believe or not, I sometimes blame my eyes for all this happenings in my life, that made me rumoring every corner of the world. But, putting it the other way, I must give thanks for my own eyes which are responsible for my traveling interest. No doubt, then I will happily do away with my eyes if I have to jettison one of my sense organs. Some Interesting links for Travel seekers Destination Nepal Visit the link above, where you will get lot of information about Nepal. Pokhara city This is my home town. Some Himalayas I am pretty sure that you would like to visit there in your vacation. Bhudism I was surprised while I visited outside of Nepal, most of people that I met told me that Bhudha was born in India. Let find out the truth where he was from. Lumbini, as far I know is famous for pilgrimage.